The harmless smoke stimulus produced by the Testifire TS3 Smoke Capsule is produced by a fluid that has been precisely prepared and is housed in a replaceable, non-pressurized capsule. 

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  • Compact and Portable: The Smoke Capsule is designed to be compact and portable, allowing for easy transport and quick deployment in various training or emergency response settings.

  • Non-Toxic Smoke Emission: Engineered for safety, the capsule produces non-toxic smoke, ensuring a realistic training environment without compromising the well-being of participants.

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for fire training exercises, air flow studies, and emergency response drills, the Smoke Capsule enhances realism and provides valuable visual feedback for training and preparedness.

  • Controlled Smoke Release: The device allows for controlled smoke release, enabling trainers and emergency responders to simulate specific scenarios and observe the behavior of smoke in different environments.

  • Quick Activation: With a user-friendly design, the Smoke Capsule can be activated quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime during training sessions or emergency simulations.

  • Adjustable Duration and Intensity: Users have the flexibility to adjust the duration and intensity of smoke emission, tailoring the training experience to meet specific learning objectives and response scenarios.

  • Remote Activation Option: Some models may offer a remote activation option, allowing trainers or safety personnel to control the smoke release from a distance, enhancing the realism of simulations.

  • Safe for Indoor and Outdoor Use: The non-toxic nature of the smoke makes the capsule safe for use both indoors and outdoors, providing versatility for a wide range of training environments.

  • Reusable and Cost-Effective: Many Smoke Capsules are designed to be reusable, offering a cost-effective solution for regular training exercises and drills.

  • Enhanced Training Realism: By simulating realistic smoke conditions, the Smoke Capsule enhances training realism, enabling participants to develop crucial skills for emergency response and evacuation procedures.

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