The RKI GX-3R Pro is an impressive multigas portable detector designed for safety and monitoring in various environments.

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  • Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Gases:

    • The GX-3R Pro can monitor up to five different gases simultaneously. These include:
      • LEL (Lower Explosive Limit): Detects flammable gases.
      • O2 (Oxygen): Monitors oxygen levels.
      • H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide): Detects toxic hydrogen sulfide gas.
      • CO (Carbon Monoxide): Monitors carbon monoxide levels.
      • Optional Toxic Sensors: You can add infrared or toxic gas sensors for gases like Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).
  • Compact and Lightweight:

    • The GX-3R Pro weighs only 4.58 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand (dimensions: 2.9” W x 2.6” H x 1.06” D).
  • Bluetooth Communication:

    • It comes equipped with Bluetooth wireless communication, allowing you to connect it to a phone app (available for both iOS and Android).
    • You can view direct gas readings on your phone and receive automatic notifications in case of alarms.
  • Flexible Sensor Configurations:

    • Two of the four sensor slots are interchangeable, allowing you to customize the sensor configuration in the field.
    • The GX-3R Pro currently supports sensors for Hydrogen Cyanide (HCN) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2).
  • Battery Life and Charging:

    • The Lithium-ion battery pack provides up to 25 hours of operation and fully charges in just 3 hours.
  • Non-Compliance Indicator:

    • The instrument has a non-compliance indicator that flashes its LED lights every 30 seconds under specific conditions (e.g., if not bump tested, calibration is due, or there was a gas alarm event).
  • Water and Dust Resistant:

    • The GX-3R Pro is designed to withstand tough conditions with an IP66/68 rating.
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