Medical Oxygen Resucitator

Medical Oxygen Resucitator

An oxygen resuscitator is a crucial medical device that uses positive pressure to assist both conscious and unconscious patients in receiving the oxygen they need. These devices are particularly valuable when mechanical resuscitators are unavailable or not accessible. 

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  • Components of an Oxygen Resuscitator:

    • Non-Rebreathing Valve: Ensures that exhaled air does not mix with inhaled oxygen.
    • Self-Inflating Bag: A bag that can be manually squeezed to deliver oxygen to the patient’s lungs.
    • Reservoir Bag: Stores additional oxygen for efficient delivery.
    • Also known as bag valve masks or Ambu bags.
  • Using an Oxygen Resuscitator (Step-by-Step):

    • Step 1: Tilt the patient’s head back to clear the airway and prevent tongue obstruction.
    • Step 2: Fit the mask to the patient’s face, with the cushion resting between the chin and lower lip.
    • Step 3: Hold the mask firmly onto the face while keeping the head tilted.
    • Step 4: Squeeze the bag to inflate the patient’s lungs (chest will rise).
    • Step 5: Release the bag to allow the patient to exhale.
    • Step 6: Continue squeezing and releasing the bag as needed, following CPR guidelines.
  • When to Use Oxygen Resuscitators:

    • Nonbreathing Patients: For those who need assistance maintaining acceptable oxygen levels.
    • Breathing Patients: Can also provide supplemental oxygen.
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