Lalizas Fireman's Suit Set in Size XL – a comprehensive safety ensemble designed to meet SOLAS/MED standards for maritime firefighting. This high-performance suit offers unparalleled protection and functionality, ensuring the safety and confidence of firefighters in demanding maritime environments.

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Key Features:

  1. SOLAS/MED Compliance: This Fireman's Suit Set is meticulously crafted to meet stringent SOLAS/MED standards, ensuring it adheres to the highest safety regulations for maritime firefighting.

  2. Full Suit Ensemble: The set includes a jacket, trousers, and hood, providing head-to-toe coverage for comprehensive protection during firefighting operations.

  3. Durable and Heat-Resistant Material: Crafted from advanced, heat-resistant materials, the suit is designed to withstand intense heat and flames, ensuring optimal protection in maritime emergency situations.

  4. XL Size for Comfortable Fit: Tailored for Size XL, the suit offers a comfortable fit for a broad range of body types, allowing ease of movement without compromising safety.

  5. Reflective Strips for Visibility: Equipped with strategically placed reflective strips, the suit enhances visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring firefighters are easily identifiable during emergency responses.

  6. Adjustable Closures: Featuring adjustable closures on the jacket and trousers, the suit allows for a secure and customizable fit, promoting comfort and safety during extended wear.

  7. Enhanced Mobility: Engineered with flexibility in mind, the suit enables enhanced mobility, facilitating ease of movement for firefighters navigating challenging maritime environments.

  8. Quick-Donning Design: The quick-donning design ensures swift and efficient deployment, crucial for timely response in emergency situations.

  9. Comprehensive Protection: Designed to protect against heat, flames, and water, this suit set is an essential component of a firefighter's safety gear for maritime scenarios.

Elevate maritime firefighting safety with the Lalizas Fireman's Suit Set in Size XL – a reliable and compliant solution crafted for the challenges of maritime emergency response.

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